Jack Meeks for City Council, At-Large Group 5

For over five decades, one common thread that has emerged in connecting Jacksonville’s unique neighborhoods is the passion our people have for making Jacksonville a place where all can achieve, thrive, and succeed in a safe, supportive environment. I’m so grateful for the diverse perspectives, unique voices, and insightful conversations I’ve had over the course of the last year in learning and listening to how we can collaboratively build the best Jacksonville yet. 

We need to improve our neighborhoods through code enforcement, zoning, and remediating environmental issues.

Finally, we can work on building a safe community. We need well-lit and paved streets and sidewalks. We need appropriate protections and safety for people and property in our community, and we also need to solve our mental health issues that affect our citizens.

My platform is based on these simple ideas (See my Platform) to make a better Jacksonville. If you think that these ideas are well-thought-out, reasonable, and attainable, please support me for City Council At Large Group 5.

Thank you, everyone, involved! 03/21.2023